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Youth Empowerment Society Tanzania

hope to Tanzania

YES Tanzania (Youth Empowerment Society Tanzania) was established in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region as a nonprofit community-based organization in March 2011 in order to implement and evaluate youth programs. YES Tanzania provides basic knowledge on HIV/AIDS to provide awareness on transmission, testing and treatment. Additionally, it provides skills of deliberative citizenship to engage communities around the social realities of HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention, stigma reduction and support for families and PLWHA. In collaboration with health service providers, YES Tanzania educates, trains, and mobilizes youth of both genders, as well as the community in Moshi Kilimanjaro and around Tanzania. Youth will work with communities to mobilize HIV community sessions and health fairs to increase collective knowledge and uptake of HIV testing, treatment and care, PMTCT and stigma reduction.

YES Tanzania provides basic knowledge on civil education to youth and communities as a whole; providing people with the information necessary to understand their rights and responsibilities of voting and selecting their political leaders. Moreover, it provides youth with basic knowledge of human rights; enabling them to understand their rights and roles as empathetic citizens

short term goal

Provide HIV/AIDS and drug abuse education to communities and form youth groups within communities; To conduct human rights and civil rights community education to the youth and communities as a whole; To form youth and stakeholder groups to educate citizens on entrepreneurship; to decrease youth unemployment in Tanzania.


Our vision is to see youth standing firm for national development by eliminating HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, alleviating poverty, and enabling youth to become active citizens of their country. As a non-profit organization our goal is to become a true instrument in providing commentaries based on our expertise; transferring our knowledge of development issues to build a stronger Tanzania.​


Our mission is to empower youth and communities as a whole; to eliminate unhealthy social environments; uplifting citizens’ capacity of human rights, access to education, such as entrepreneurship; creating a sustainable development.

Achievement to date

1.Conducted Seminars on Civil Education / Human Rights

2.Participated in Conferences 3.Facilitated Debates

4. Pre and Post Drug Abuse Surveys in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region 5. Facilitated Community Meetings on Drug Abuse and Civil Education

6.Facilitated Peer To Peer Groups on the Following Topics: 


8.Drug Abuse 9.Entrepreneurship

10. Participated in Health Fairs   11.Provide Outreach to

11 Patients in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region Collaborated with NGO in Road Shows on HIV/AIDS Awareness

Long Term Goal

To create HIV/AIDS competence community and  FREE drug abuse for youth in Tanzania;

To strengthen communities understanding of  human rights, their responsibility and the importance of voting;

To create a conducive environment for self-employment for youth in Tanzania;

To form youth groups; creating an enabling environment for youth to vocalize and debate their issues in a safe space;

To reduce physical punishment in the education system; defending children’s court;

To establish a drug abuse clinic in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region; providing a supportive environment and professional services for drug abusers.